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May 26, 2010

The best word to describe Keith is 'Passion'. He is passionate about connecting people and resources, people achieving their best possible career outcomes and the harnessing of social media to leverage personal brand and corresponding opportunity. I don't know anyone in the Australian arena who understands and utilizes Social Media as much as Keith does.

I see Keith Keller as the resident expert in Social Media in the Australian marketplace and resides at the cutting edge of Social Media Globally. We will see Keith as one of the most significant contributors to the full utilization of Social Media in Career Transition, Personal Branding, and Business Development well into the future.

Congratulations Keith and I look forward to being part of the future with you.

- Graham Nicholls
Managing Partner Career Bridge International

May 26, 2010

What a great show. Your enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious.
Thank you for your invitation to participate in the roundtable and kudos to you for pulling together four continents.

- Tiffany Crenshaw
Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

April 6, 2010

Thank you Keith for helping me find myself!! You are an awesome career coach! Who belongs on mainstream breakfast radio.

You Rock!

- Melissa Schembri

March 2, 2010

Hi Keith,

My goodness I hope you entered yourself and AnneMarie into the Miles Morgan competition for Career Excellence! I just listened to the Social media call you sent me and am blown away by what you are doing at Career Success Radio. The call was fantastic, but when I looked at the resources I was so impressed. If I didn’t know about what you are doing then probably lots of other people don’t know as well. Anyway I’ll be finding you on Twitter and Facebook and will be madly retweeting your tweets because it is time people knew about this. OK, maybe I’m the only person in Australia who doesn’t know what a great job you are doing, but I’ll be telling people anyway. Congratulations.

- Jenni Proctor
Career Success Radio’s newest fan and member

Lucy Harvest - December 2009

I’m writing to express my enthusiasm and gratitude to Keith Keller for advising me on "how to Twitter" and "Blog" our new service to help me and my 25 career practitioners shout to the general public about the Federal government’s new initiative.

I have been listening to the Career Success Radio show for a number of months now and believe that it provides cutting edge information through its interviews with experts from Australia and around the world. I thoroughly recommend it as a valuable career resource.

Recently Career Success Radio mentioned our DEEWR sponsored National Career Advice Service – Keep Australia Working, and immediately after being mentioned our telephone lines went crazy – it’s incredible.

Career Success Radio is a must-listen for anyone who is serious about their career development.

I am now convinced that Social Networking is both beneficial and the way of the future!

- Lucy Harvest
Support Manager
National Telephone Career Advice Service: Keep Australia Working

Marleen Graham on September 24, 2009

Annemarie and Keith,

You should add your success story here. I think your radio show and community is a big success!

- Marleen

Marleen Graham on July 2, 2009

Hello Keith and Annemarie,

I have already shared my good news with you, but I thought that I would also post. It took several months to find something but I start my new job on Monday and I am very excited. I learned about this job by utilizing my college Career Services. The company kept my resume on file until something that matched came up. I interviewed with them, sent a thank you note, and the company offered me the job the very next day. I am very excited if you cannot tell by now.

I will continue to network and help others in any way possible. We all need encouragement.

- Marleen

Marleen Graham on May 30, 2009

Keith and Annemarie,

Thanks for inviting me to speak on your show about the value of volunteering! As a result of your show, people have been contacting me, and I have two appointments to meet for coffee. I will let you know if anything else happens.

This has been a very busy, and exciting week for me. I am tired but still smiling. :)

One of the organizations that I volunteer with said that they would hire me if they had money to pay me. Instead, they offered to give me free Spanish lessons and they are trying to get someone from IBM to look at my resume. I am very excited and I am glad that they feel that I am doing a great job.

Someone found me on the Internet and wants to contract my company to do work for them. I sent a proposal and it was accepted! I will update you once the work is complete.

Thanks again for the opportunity to come on the show and for helping me to see the importance of personal branding, and an Internet presence!

- Marleen Graham
Customer focused IT professional

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