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The Career Transition Plan

Is it time for a change?

Wouldn’t it be great to love your job again?

The Career Transition Plan is designed give you the clarity you need to take action toward kick starting your own career change.

Session One (1st hour) – Here you’ll clarify your career aspirations and set some short-term goals. There’s also an opportunity to brainstorm your long-term goals.

Session Two (2nd hour) – You’ll see the progress you’ve made towards achieving your short-term goals. There’s also a strong emphasis on your longer-term goals and it’s a good time to discuss strategies to put your plans into actions.

Session Three (3rd hour) – You’ll refine your long-term aspirations and consolidate the work you’ve done so far. By this stage you’ll have achieved some of your short-term goals and be well on your way toward a meaningful career that resonates with you.

To book a Career Transition Plan package or to discuss your specific needs call Career Journeys Australia on (03) 9772 1624 or email

Career Change is not only possible… it’s exciting



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